Our Story

Peter Garland is the owner and creative force behind Brave Knight Media.

Peter has combined his background of painting, drawing and traditional animation with computers since the first Mac came out. His love of the craft of visual arts as well as the performance of a finished piece in front of an audience led him to a degree in Educational Media from UMass Amherst and has focused his interest in visual effects and CGI work since 1991.

For over 25 years Peter has enjoyed working as a visual effects artist and filmmaker, as well as creating promotional materials and websites for many businesses and organizations. He has worked on shorts and videos, handling everything from directing, lighting, editing, visual effects, compositing, and foley work.

2016 and beyond sees Brave Knight Media putting all that experience together to focus on stop motion animation, a medium that is rapidly gaining attention as one of the favorite types of entertainment for audiences world wide. Stop motion combines the best of both the physical world and the CG world, with every aspect of paint, sculpting, construction, photography, and lighting merging with digital composition, manipulation, editing, and visual effects.

We are currently producing our first full stop motion music video for the wonderful band Foxfeather. Look for it later this year. Follow our blog for updates on this fun project!